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At EESE, our desire is to provide a space for all students to learn from us and from each other in order to help reach your career goals here in Canada.


In order to make your experience at EESE the best it can be, we ask that you review our policies and procedures.  They have been developed to support your studies here.  Of course, if you have any questions, we are all here to help. 

Importance of attendance


Make the most of this valuable opportunity to enhance your language skills and cultural knowledge and facilitate your valuable integration into Canadian society! 
Regular and punctual attendance is expected in the Canadian workplace, so we expect the same here.  Our courses are short and in depth, so missing a class means you miss a lot. 
At EESE, preplanned absences, late arrivals and early departures are not acceptable.  Regular and punctual attendance is a criterion our funder, the Canadian government, uses to measure the success of our school.  Let’s make the most of this opportunity!


If you must miss a class, please inform your teacher by email. Include the reason for your absence.

(A - employment related; B -  personal illness; C - parental leave/caring for a family member; D - personal reason)


If you have an issue that you think may cause you to be late or absent, talk to us.  Perhaps we can help.

Withdrawal from a Course

If you are unable to continue your course, please inform your teacher by email.  Include the reason for your absence.  This information is required by our funder, the Canadian Government.  

English Only Zone

EESE is an English Only Zone.  Use English to communicate at all times!  EESE is a safe place to practice your English language skills.  Take advantage of this opportunity.

Photo and Video Permission

Your teacher may record classroom activities that will be used for education and promotional purposes.  Before recording the lesson, your teacher will let you know if a recording is going to take place.  Please consider permitting your photo/video to be taken and used for these purposes.  Please let your teacher know if you prefer not to participate in the recording and would like to “mute” your video for the time of the recording.  You are expected to actively participate in all class activities while a recording takes place even if you are not sharing your video during the recording.

Assessments at EESE

Assessment and Reporting

Your teacher will assess your learning based on the work you do in the course.  Your teacher may also give you homework and tests.  In each course, you will keep a collaborative language portfolio to show your learning progress.  You will take this portfolio with you when you finish your course at the end of session.  


Your participation in class is important.  Your willingness to learn and be involved will impact the growth and development of your language skills.

Progress Reports

Progress reports are emailed to all students, who completed the course, on the last day of the session.  

Certificate of Completion

Students who attend 85% of the course or more receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course. This is a valuable document for your resume or professional portfolio.

Course Evaluations

You will have the opportunity to provide feedback on your experience at EESE by completing an online course evaluation mid-way through the course.  We value your opinion and constructive criticism.


Guest Speakers


Guest speakers from community and immigrant-serving organizations regularly give short presentations on topics of great interest to newcomers.  Speak with your teacher to learn which guest speaker presentations have been scheduled. 

Cultural Exploration Quiz (aka Fun Quiz)

Cultural Exploration Quiz is an optional activity that takes place every week and offers a wonderful opportunity to learn about life in Canada, to practice following instructions, develop reading and writing skills as well as research skills.

  • Every Monday we post a new question about Winnipeg, Manitoba or Canada on our Facebook page.

  • Students are asked to read the questions, research and email the answers to the Head Teacher.

  • Every student who submits correct answers and follows the instructions becomes a winner. 

  • Everyone is welcome to participate, and students can submit their answers as often as they want.

  • Those who submit their correct answers at least 6 times in a 10-week session are awarded Cultural Exploration Diploma at the end of the session.

Respectful School

At EESE, we value diversity and work hard to provide an inclusive, safe and respectful environment for our students, staff and other stakeholders.  With that in mind, we expect all students and staff will be treated with respect.  Discrimination based on race, nationality, gender, age, religion or sexuality will not be tolerated.  If you feel that these values are not being upheld, please speak with your teacher first, then the head teacher, if necessary.

Learning Styles

The style of teaching in Canada may be different from your home country.  In Canada, students are encouraged to analyze ideas and give their opinions.  Teachers guide students by providing learning activities, examples, encouragement and feedback.  To be successful in a Canadian learning environment, you need to be ready to cooperate with your classmates and teachers.

If you have any further questions about the teaching or learning style in Canada, talk to your teacher or the head teacher.

Proof of Attendance

If you are required to submit forms to Employment Income (EI), Employment Income Assistance (EIA), or Child Care Subsidy (CCS), please email


Eating Facilities

During breaks you may eat in your classroom, another empty classroom, or the student lounge.  Please make sure you clean up after yourself.  Coffee, tea, sugar and creamer are donated by staff.  Please donate $.25 per cup towards the replacement costs of these items.



Bus tickets and passes may be purchased at a number of locations (see ).  Many bus routes stop near CMU.  To plan your route, visit and choose the NAVIGO link on the left side.  Enter your origin (your work, home etc), your destination (500 Shaftesbury Blvd.) and the day and time of your travel.  NAVIGO will give you options.



Please speak to the front desk staff to receive more information about using the CMU parking lot.

Prayer Room

If you need a private place to pray while you are at school, please speak to the head teacher or the administrative staff.

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